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EPA Requirements

    EPA requirements are stated and under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Holding an EPA card does NOT replace the need for a state license in South Carolina.


  • An HVAC professional should have one of two licenses in order to legally offer and perform HVAC installation or repair. For any residential HVAC repair or installation exceeding $200 or any commercial HVAC repair or installation exceeding $5,000.00.
  • Both licenses are administered by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. A contractor should have either a commercial license administered by the SC Contractor’s Licensing Board (commercial licensing) or a license from LLR’s Residential Builders (licensing board).
  • With the commercial license, there are three classifications: Air Conditioning (AC) or Heating (HT) or Packaged Equipment (PK).
  • With a Residential Builders License, an hvac contractor’s license would be listed under the heading of “heating and air.”
  • Exceptions to HVAC work with a license
    • Homeowners can “do their own hvac work” to their home without the need to have one of the two licenses listed above. The homeowner however does need to comply with all other laws and regulations including acquiring a permit. Also, homeowners who “do their own work” may/may not be eligible to invoke the equipment’s manufacturer’s warrantee.
    • Home Builders (who have their own licensing requirements from LLR to meet) may provide hvac services.

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